Project Description

Work conditions

  • Contract length – 6-8 months
  • Valuable experience and great career opportunities
  • Great possibility to see the world


  • Note that this is general conditions and requirements for a particular position. Salary and work conditions may differ, depending on a cruise company.

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Achievement of departmental financial targets (revenue, costs)
  • Ensuring that own area is properly stocked and set up as scheduled
  • Ensuring effective beverage services in the restaurants, being fully responsible for the service in a section of the main dining room or an alternative dining location
  • Supervising assigned personal with wine service in alternative dining locations
  • Assisting the Head Sommelier with preparing the restaurant for service every morning, afternoon as required to ensured guest satisfaction
  • Knowing the full wine list in order to assist guests with their choices, being able to make recommendations to guests for a better choice, up selling, suggesting and recommending
  • Being aware of all events and activities on the ship at all times
  • Making suggestions to the Head Sommelier when scheduling events
  • Assisting, if requested by the Head Sommelier, with the setting up of wine tasting and any other relevant activity
  • Resolving any passenger queries or questions, reporting immediately any guests´ dissatisfaction to the Head Sommelier, so he/she can take action with effective discretionary guest recovery
  • Ensuring compliance with company procedures, good stock control and accurate charging to accounts
  • Seeking every opportunity to up sale wines, without being pushy
  • Assisting the Head Sommelier with the inventory of glasses, utensils and bottles, ensuring all glasses and utensils are in pristine condition at all times
  • Receiving requisitions and organizing the wine cellar with stock
  • To ensure confidentiality when handling sensitive information
  • To achieve the primary objectives of the position and comply with the above mentioned accountabilities in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with company policies
  • To project a favorable image of the company, to promote its aims and objectives and foster and enhance public recognition and acceptance of all its areas and endeavor
  • To observe and enforce uniform standards according to company policies and procedures
  • Aware of par levels, stock and stock control, as well as requisition procedures
  • Must promote, set up and organize wine events
  • Knowledgeable about bar set ups, cocktail presentations and standard cocktail recipes/garnishes
  • USPH: Guaranteeing safety, hygiene and sanitation practices are present at all times, maintaining cleanliness of all areas up to USPH and company standards, policies and procedures

Last updated: 19 December, 2016