Project Description

Work conditions

  • Tipping position
  • All expenses – visa, medical, travel are covered by the employer
  • Five months contracts followed by two months vacation


  • Note that this is general conditions and requirements for a particular position. Salary and work conditions may differ, depending on a cruise company.

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Ensuring that his – her assigned location is properly stocked set up and open as scheduled
  • Reporting to the Head Bartender/Bartender any issue that needs solving
  • Monitoring guest flow in his – her bar to ensure that beverage services are attended to for all guests
  • Preparing beverages in accordance to guest’s preferences and in line with company policy and procedures
  • Must gain knowledge of company provided cocktail recipes, garnishes and presentations
  • Aware of all events and activities on the ship at all times
  • Conducting the inventory in a proper way and monitoring the bar cost (if required)
  • Ensuring to comply with the companies alcohol policy
  • Ensuring the logging of all fridge, freezer and dishwasher temperatures, as explained in current policy and/or legal guidelines in beverage venues
  • Reporting any maintenance issue promptly to the Head Bartender/Bartender
  • Liaising with the Head Bartender and Bartender, in achieving predetermined objectives, without jeopardizing standards of quality service, cleanliness, etc
  • Keeping self-aware of targets, costs and monitoring procedures
  • Self-motivating to up sell and generate revenue
  • Gain ability to promote, sell, up-sell and recommend bar event to our guests
  • Providing ideas to maximize beverage revenues and minimize costs
  • Assisting with the inventories and requisitions to restock bar items, the control of in use stock inventory in all beverage outlets (i.e. glassware, china, silver, linen) and the consumable’s requisitions for the whole department
  • To keep supervisor promptly and fully informed of all relevant matters
  • To ensure confidentiality when handling sensitive information
  • To achieve the primary objectives of the position and comply with the above mentioned accountabilities in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with company policies
  • To project a favorable image of the company, to promote its aims and objectives and foster and enhance public recognition and acceptance of all its areas and endeavor
  • To observe and enforce uniform standards according to company policies and procedures
  • Must obtain both job and product knowledge and at the same time must have the knowledge of cocktail recipes, wine lists, bar set-ups and guidelines
  • USPH: Guaranteeing safety, hygiene and sanitation practices are present at all times, maintaining cleanliness of all areas up to USPH and companies standards, policies and procedures

Last updated 20 December, 2016